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USCIS money

Oct. 5th, 2013 | 04:40 pm

Yeah, so um, didn't realise Charlie had barely any money in his account before he sent off the $420 petition to USCIS -_-

Hopefully though, USCIS will get the cash from the cheque on Thursday or Friday, as the money from Paypal will be going into Charlie's account on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Otherwise they'll send the petition back to us asking for the correct fee, and that's the best case scenario @_@

I bought a new alarm clock from Argos yesterday and when trying to purchase it at the self-service machine, it said it was an age-restricted item and I had to get it from the manned counters o.O but... I don't want to converse with people ;-;

I ended up going to the manned counters to buy it and surprisingly was not asked to show I was old enough to buy this apparent pornographic/alcoholic/violent alarm clock. When my number was called up, the guy at the receiving-your-shit-from-the-shelf counter told me like I was an idiot that I would need to wait for my number to be called up. Upon informing him my number had in fact been called up, he told me "JUST WAIT!"

So eventually they remembered me and gave me the fucking clock. Hopefully I won't be late to work anymore due to malfunctioning phone alarms that just randomly decide to not go off.

Anyway, the petition. It's in Chicago now, at the post office. It will apparently be picked up from there on Monday. I'm actually hoping they'll delay opening it until next week or something, so we're definitely in the clear for funds.

I'll be back with an update on the situation.

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Visa petition is on the way!

Oct. 3rd, 2013 | 10:04 pm

Yaaay, Charlie posted the petition to the Chicago Lockbox today <3

Also, I'm going to stop using the location service on LJ because I wasn't in Purley Way earlier. I was next to Purley Tesco on the 466 >.<

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The power

Oct. 3rd, 2013 | 06:03 pm
location: United Kingdom, England,Greater London,Croydon, Wallington, Purley Way

I seem to always be the one locking up at the end of the day at work now. Technically, someone is meant to lock up with me in case I accidentally set the building on fire, but they all just bugger off and leave me with the building. I mean... I could live there and no one would know as long as I somehow hid myself from the cleaners o-o

The next couple of weekends, I'm actually going to be hanging out with people. Next Friday I'm babysitting for a colleague who lives in Horsham, then next weekend I'm going out for drinks and dinner with Paula, Pearl, Luisa and Chris. If I get as drunk as I did last time, I'll be sad. On my hen night at Tiger Tiger, I had about 3 or 4 drinks and that was it. Almost total inebriation and I had to be escorted home by a colleague who can drive =_= I don't know when I became such a lightweight but it's annoying me. I mean, after that incident, I got drunk on hardly any rum. So drunk that Charlie had to literally drag me to bed. I felt like I was having an outer body experience. I was so sick during the night that I haven't drank any alcohol since, and that was in August @_@

Apparently Tesco Purley has a shuttle bus now but I've never seen any one other than the driver inside it...


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3G phone tracking is just not what it's cracked up to be

Oct. 3rd, 2013 | 02:08 am

I mean, Croham Road? I'm pretty sure I was either on Church Road, Tanfield Road, or Laud Street... in Central Croydon, not South >.< I know sometimes 3 thinks I'm on Park Lane when I'm on High Street, but that's only a small distance away. Not a whole fucking town. OMG

Anyway, this morning I was piling the slap on my face, and when I was done leaning super duper close into the mirror because I'm fucking blind, my lower back/hip above my dodgy leg kind of... I dunno, tied around itself? And I couldn't walk on it in an un-pirate-like fashion for a couple of minutes. I've had other back spasms since, so I am really bloody hoping this recurrent leg problem is back-related of a non-cancerous nature. Either way, ain't nobody got time for that. Charlie is posting the visa petition to USCIS tomorrow, so I can't be going around being a medical emergency all the time. Especially since he was just chucked off his health insurance thanks to Obamacare (though I think his employer are going to sort out another healthcare plan for him and hopefully that's his chance to finally put me on it <3).

So yeah, hopefully by this time next year I'll be out of the UK for good. I'm not sure how well I'll integrate into the US since the past couple of times I stayed at Charlie's new place, I was too afraid to venture outside alone. At least partly thanks to his creepy neighbour who is all "ur gettin prettier evrytim i c u *fapfapfapfap* >:3" whenever I stick even an arm out of the door but also just because I'm too overwhelmed by the way Americans generally act. They are so outgoing compared to sullen UK people, that I stay inside because I am just too sullen ._. Also, I am a bad driver. I did learn to drive for a while about 4 years ago before going in for jaw surgery and then getting the DVT, but I did so badly before that that I didn't ever get back to doing it. I mean, I had over 100 hours of lessons with a really good teacher and I just couldn't get the hang of it at all. I'm hoping the bigger roads and lack of roundabouts (my worst enemy) will help immensely. Oh, and the automatic transmission <3<3<3

Guess I'll also need to find a job too. With English qualifications. I wonder how that will work out xD

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Oct. 1st, 2013 | 09:36 am
location: United Kingdom, England,Greater London,Croydon, South Croydon

I'm at Rathbone Square right now. Waiting for the tutor who is usually early as sin to get in. Pearl thinks she is making a statement :P I think she might just be running late.

My leg is a little better today. I think I'm just tiring it out by over stretching it all the time, so I'm going easy on it and it's much improved.

My visa petition reached Charlie yesterday, but the US government has shut down for a while, so no visa petitions are beig processed, according to BBC news but the Daily Mail is saying differently >.>

We'll just wait until they stop being shut down, then we'll post it.


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My leg needs to shut up

Sep. 30th, 2013 | 07:16 pm

OMG leg, could you like, stop getting tired going up stairs and hills before I saw you off

This is totes revenge for eating that crab's leg that one time

Other than that, Pearl was back at work today so we had a full team. I have to open up down at Rathbone Square tomorrow for a tutor. Paula usually does it, but this tutor is a bitch apparently so I have to deal with her :P that usually just involves me vacantly staring into the distance while they set the place on fire.

I feel less lonely today than I did yesterday. Probably because I had meaningful human contact today, whereas most weekends I barely talk to anyone. I still wish I could make friends outside of work, but eh. At least I get to sleep in until 1pm most weekends <3

I'm kind of trying to figure out how to get working out into my daily "schedule" if you can call it a schedule. I'm super duper lazy because I'm constantly tired. I barely ever have energy. In the mornings, I'll sleep in as late as humanly possible until I have the bare minimum time to get ready. In the evenings I just lay here (probably the cause of my DVT -_-) all night on the internets typing stupid blog posts, way too tired to do anything constructive. If I had a two hour lunch break, I would go to the gym inside the Grants building.

I'm not quite sure what to do now. The immigration petition is almost on its way to Charlie. The # is LY867755495GB. I learned it off by heart like a sad bitch. He went to work, so hopefully USPS will leave it with his apartment manager and not outside his door where his creepy neighbour will inseminate it. Dirty bastard.

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Blogging again, take 45345645 *claps the... take board?*

Sep. 30th, 2013 | 02:38 am

OMG I can't believe I just spent $15 to rename my account to the username I use now on the web -_-

I think it's been at least a year or two since I last made an update here, and quite a bit has happened, I think?

Well, even if shit repeats itself, at least I'm... not... moustachio'd?

First off, I'm married now. I got hitched on the 31st July to Charlie and now I'm Mrs Tobin. I still haven't got my head around it despite imagining it being my name for a few years now >.>

Second, I'm still working at LLC in the admin team. Half the team were kicked out and I somehow survived the purge, and even got a pay rise. Whut

Third, I made an immigration petition and it's on its way to Charlie so he can sign it and then ship it back to Chicago where it ironically was sent to before heading down to Ohio where he lives.

Fourth, I have gained SO MUCH WEIGHT. I miss being 9 stone. I'm almost 11 and a half stone again. Goddamn you delicious food and lack of willpower to exercise *strangles my prefrontal cortex*

I think that's all that's happened. Oh and I Reddit too much and need to go outside more. And probably like, make friends. I don't even keep active internet friendships anymore.. I mean, I have Facebook, but I'm just kind of observing everyone else living their lives while wondering what happened to mine =_= aside from the whole flying-to-America-every-so-often-and-getting-hitched-and-yay-I'm-moving-over-there-soon thing, I've just got absolutely nothing, other than work, happening. I'm just so lonely T_T any friends I do have are the friends where you can just tell they invite you over out of obligation rather than wanting to actually spend time with you. Especially the one who is supposed to be my bestie, but rather helpfully announced to me that "no one wants you around" a year or so ago, so... I kind of try to avoid seeing her now. I also made friends with one of her friends but then shit happened, he freaked and ran away, and I totally blame myself since I was just so lonely that I was trying to say anything to make him happy so he'd stay friends with me... but actually hurt him since he wanted more than friendship. I think he was the first friend in a while who genuinely cared, but I guess if he didn't have feelings for me he wouldn't have even talked to me at all. Why can't I have any real friends? They either don't care or are full-on in love with me! First world problems, init

So yeah, work in a few hours and I'm still up. Work is entertaining. The company I work for is driving itself into the ground and since I'm just there for the money tbh, I'm sitting back, popcorn in hand as everyone hurts their own butts.

Charlie has been awake for *counts* 40 hours now? And he's driving around at work then driving home. I would be surprised if he didn't crash and die >.> I wanted to be the one to die first. I have a pretty good death in service policy that guarantees him something like $60,000 upon my death... partially why I won't go to hospital with suspected DVTs anymore <3

Aaaaand I'm done for tonight.

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Lol internet

Jan. 2nd, 2012 | 01:43 am

I'm so bored -_-

Christmas was pretty good this year though. Lydia's parents went to Australia to spend the month with their son and new grandson, so she and her other brother were alone the entire time. Instead of being forever alone, she decided to host a dinner for her friends, including me :P

She even made little menus and name cards ;-; so cute. I murdered that dinner GOOD.

I went to see her again on my last day at the office before the week off and Matt was there too. I think we drank stuff and rolled around everywhere or something o.o all I know is I lost my balancing ability a little while going home.

On my actual birthday, Charlie went to his stepmum's parents' house for the day so I had limited time online with him. I managed to catch him on Facebook just before our dinner was ready and he opened all the presents I got him, which he loved :) I'd opened mine already, which was a pirate bracelet.

Then I went to Lydia's two days in a row including New Year's Eve and apparently according to my dad it means I'm sleeping around o.O but whatever.

I've been making great friends with Matt ^_^ I first thought he wanted me skinned alive.

I'm back at work on the 3rd :( lol

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I got engaged!

Nov. 28th, 2011 | 08:38 pm

So I'm in Nevada right now ^_^

I'm here for the Thanksgiving holiday, which has passed obviously, but I'm here until the 6th December.

Yesterday, we went to get Charlie's car from a parking lot at the casino April works at. Charlie seemed kind of "off" somehow. As we were driving to the Zephyr Cove Inn to the bar we were all going to meet at, he was asking me quite serious questions like "Is it a problem that I'm never serious about things?" and "Do you like it around here? Would you want to live here?" I assumed he was just depressed about something, but he wouldn't tell me what it was even though I asked if something was wrong a couple of times.

So we parked outside the Inn and we started walking towards the beach, hand in hand. I thought the bar was on the beach or something, but upon getting there, there was nothing. I asked why we were on an empty beach and he said "hey, I liking looking at the water, ok?" So again, I thought he was depressed about something and wanted time out from life. I started joking that he was bringing me down there to kill me, but he said that was too predictable.

I thought since we were there, I'd take some pictures. So I took a couple as he was asking me more questions. He asked, "You know I love you very much, right Cat?". I answered "yeah..." then he asked "How much do you love me?" and I said "100%... times 100 :D" and took the second picture. Then I turned around to see him holding an open box with a ring as he said "Do you love me enough to be with me for the rest of our lives?"

My brain took like two seconds to register the fact he was proposing, and I choked up, looked at him and said something like "you're proposing?" or "is that a ring?" and he said "yep." I just couldn't control myself. I burst into tears and hugged him for ages while shaking. I really couldn't believe he was proposing to me. I'd waited for YEARS for this.

I finally broke away and took the ring out of the box and put it on. He said "I take that as a yes?" and I said "yeah" xD

The ring is a little too big, but we can fix that ^w^

The stone is an amethyst (purple is my favourite colour) and it is surrounded by little diamonds. It's so pretty...

I'm so happy. I still can't believe he is my fiancé now. I've had a few nay-sayers, but I don't think they know how long I have known Charlie. From an outsider's perspective, we've known each other for a year and only spent about a month physically together. They can fuck off XD

There are no set plans for a wedding, but that doesn't matter yet. It's just so great to progress to where we want to be :)

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Guess not then...?

Jun. 22nd, 2011 | 07:38 am

Well, the airline I booked with has voted to go on strike in July. Pretty much all the pilots decided to walk out.

Guess I'm not going then :S

Fuck them.

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