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Almost a year in the States

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Oct. 30th, 2015 | 10:16 pm

Howdy y'all

So it's been almost a year (give or take a month) since I moved to the States. Has it been easy? No. Has it been enjoyable? Not always.

The actual entering of the country was easy enough. I got my social security card a couple of weeks after moving here even though the employee was like RAAAHHH FOREIGNERS HOW DO I COPE. My Green Card took a bit longer than other people's to arrive, but I got it about four months after arriving. Better late than never lol

I started looking for work in January, but didn't get far. I had an interview for a part time job at a college near me, but they didn't choose me. Then I got ill with some mystery stomach disease for about a week. That was fun -_-

In April after no jobs could be stolen by my filthy foreign self, I decided to learn to drive because otherwise I was just going to be stuck in a rut forever. Getting my permit was easy enough, though I almost failed the test because the questions it asked were nothing like the practice ones online. Either way, I got it and Charlie taught me to drive using his car which I must say was bloody brave. I'd be terrified of getting into a wreck.

After two months of tears, tantrums and near-misses, I got my license and then in August I got my first car, a Toyota Camry. I love my car. It is my lifeblood and I named it Autumn and decided it's actually a girl, so I should stop calling her "it".

Right after getting my car, I started seriously looking for work again and landed an interview at a cable company in Westlake, which is about a half an hour's drive from where I live. They told me I'd hear back that day or the next, and I didn't so I resigned myself to never finding employment, got depressed etc... then at the end of the week the owner who interviewed me emailed me while I was taking a nap offering me the job! It pays quite well and there's no micro-management which is awesome.

So what have I missed about the UK? If I'm honest, not a whole lot. I'd say the only two things I miss are Matt and the food. Like, before Matt and I became as close as we are now, I literally was just going to wipe the slate clean and burn all bridges with the UK :/ but I actually love him to death. He is friggin adorable and he's single, ladies ;) (I claim full ownership rights though)

It's been weird living without my parents. For one thing, it's weird not having adrenaline attacks every night due to my dad's constant shouting and throwing things. For another it's weird having to do all my own dishes and cooking (the latter isn't such a bad thing <3). I love the freedom of being able to do what I want, but I isolate myself too much. Sometimes, I really want to get something like frozen yogurt or a burger, but then my stupid crazy mind is like "NOOOO SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN, LIKE YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO PARK OR YOU'LL BREAK THE DRIVE-THRU" and I don't go. I keep forgetting my old motto that I stole from my favourite artist: You don't have to feel safe to feel unafraid. Like, just fucking go for it you colossal cunt. If everyone was like me, nothing would bloody get done! I mean how am I gonna show Matt and my other friends around if I'm hiding under the covers like "noooo evil things reside outside..."

I guess just take things gradually. I mean, I have a job now and that's the main thing. I was supposed to be Skyping with Matt tomorrow but he has overtime, so maybe I could challenge myself to do something, like go to Menchi's and get frozen yogurt.

Ok, that's enough blogging.

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