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Nebraska service center

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Mar. 20th, 2014 | 05:51 pm

USCIS released their new processing figures this month, and apparently the slowest center, Nebraska (where I was transferred -_-) is now... The fastest? :S these figures are routinely two months old, yet as soon as they released them, the approvals for other people started coming through! I'm quite an active member on VisaJourney.com which has really been really informative and supportive to me throughout this whole thing. I even have random ideas that I want to be an immigration attorney in the future, having been through the process myself :P

I was looking at a practice form I did a few months ago last night, and realised I filled in one of the questions wrong. I hope I didn't do that on the actual form I sent in. I checked over and re-did it about a million times... At least they give everyone the opportunity to correct things rather than just deny them for little mistakes :P

I haven't been able to sleep properly in a looooong-ass time. I get maybe 4 hours a night on weeknights. I just hate going to bed early and giving up my free time just so I can sleep. As a result, I am a ditzy ho at work. I need horse tranquillisers.

That's probably about it for today. Except my alive dog totally still doesn't care his brother is dead. In fact, I think he loves all the extra attention.

Also... Around the time Harry died (typing that still feels weird), I was watching Full Moon wo Sagashite. The song Eternal Snow reminds me of Harry as a result. Every time it plays on my iPhone, my heart sinks...


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