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Dec. 27th, 2013 | 02:04 am

Yeah, should have updated after the cheque thing.

It's gone back to processing now, so we should get a response at some point before we die.

Meanwhile, I'm just saving up what I can before leaving. I also need to go through my belongings and chuck out the stuff I can't take with me. But, I'm still using this stuff, so how can I? ;-; Mum is insisting I do the clear-out now.

I had my birthday two days ago. Kind of uneventful. I wanted to get a new laptop with my birthday money to play Slender: The Arrival, but decent gaming laptops cost a lot and I may as well wait until I'm in America and buy a cheaper desktop with better specs. Init. I've never had my own desktop before o.o

Lol, I just told Charlie and he told me when I figure out where to put it, I can have it. He got a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas from his parents, but he has nowhere to put it in his apartment. I'm gonna buy tons more shit and completely ruin the place <3

After the storm on the 23rd, our garden fence got ripped to shreds on one side. Since one of our dogs loves running away, we have to take him out on the lead to go wee-wees. It's annoying since we usually just open the back door and let them do their own thing. We need to wait for our neighbour to replace the fence since it's his :(

In better news, I'm off work until Monday :D I could do with the extra sleep. Though I've been waking up early every day and then having impromptu naps at about 5pm...

I'm boring myself, so off I go.

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