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Update on the cheque situation

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Oct. 6th, 2013 | 01:31 am

Charlie called his bank to explain the situation and they have agreed to give him a temporary $420 overdraft in the event that the cheque doesn't clear in time. So either way, we'll be safe <3

Cost him $30 but at least our petition won't be sent back.

I'm kind of paranoid that the bank will somehow not actually do anything despite saying they would, but there isn't much else we can do. Thankfully, no one has come along to the post office to pick up the petition yet, so it definitely seems they won't even touch it until Monday. Then it takes 3 business days for the cheque to clear (though it said they convert the cheques to electronic payments, so might come out sooner...) so they shouldn't have the money til Thursday or Friday depending on how snowed under they are.

We haven't even got the first Notice of Action yet and we're already fucking it up XD

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